Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's walk report: 092013


This morning I had another fabulous adventure at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Hill St., aka, Los Angeles Superior Court. They need to call it Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Hill St. because someone in their infinite wisdom decided Stanley Mosk was so significant that they also created a Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Grand Ave. It's really the same building, just two different ways to get in. The name thing is a device to confuse postal carriers and probably fuck things up on other levels for a place that's already pretty fucked up. It seemed real apparent on my first visit, for example, that jurors frequently didn't know which entrance they needed to use to do their civic duty.

Stanley Mosk was an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court for 37 years (1964–2001), and holds the record for the longest-serving justice on that court. Before sitting on the Supreme Court, he served as Attorney General of California and as a trial court judge, among other governmental positions. Mosk was the last Justice of the California Supreme Court to have served in non-judicial elected office prior to his appointment to the bench. I have no idea if he was a good person or not.

Haws is a company that makes drinking fountains, among other things I suppose. It's also the name of the attorney my mother had when she (we) went to court in a lawsuit claiming damages for a tragic auto accident which took the life of my dad and two other men in 1961. The first time I visited the court over my current probate case back in July I noticed the drinking fountains were still made by Haws. Back in the 1960s because of the association I just mentioned my sister and I took a drink from about every Haws drinking fountain we saw at the courthouse. Perhaps we thought it would bring good luck. I don't believe it did. It did however make me rather sick to my stomach. To this day I walk into this courthouse and again I feel sick to my stomach, although I wouldn't consider drinking from one of the faucets. My nausea is for very different reasons now. Imagine that.

On to the walk...

Last of the Apache Plume flowers, lots of plumes are left.

California Towhee (Melozone crissalis)

Cactus flower, no ID.

Partial ID. Family: Darners-Aeshnidae. From some posturing I believe this is a female.

Sunset. Freaky sky. I don't think there were fires. This is low clouds and fog.

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