Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today's walk report: 091113

Supermarket detour, an excuse to short cut.

There is a mental thing, a groove to doing any sort of exercise I suppose and when your head gets out of the right space because you've basically beat the shit out of it all day, it's hard! Today was like that. I kept trying to find an excuse to cut the walk short because I simply felt burnt out with paperwork for probate on my mother's estate. I don't know, I'm trying but I find it really difficult doing stuff that's been made so complicated by the legal system especially when it simply does not make sense. How did we get here, really?

So what I did was simple. I took a shortcut, went to the market and got a 1 liter bottle of "vapor distilled, pomegranate electrolyte water." Yeah, it's all that stuff, so I don't feel so bad about paying $1.10 for it.

I think the detour subtracted .85 km from the walk which was fine but it mostly helped me somehow deal with stuff that was oppressing the usual enjoyment of getting out, walking and listening to music. I drank my water and walked home with the setting sun.

"Any brain can hide - few can stand."

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