Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today's walk report: 100213

I smell weed.

Seriously, I smell weed ALL THE TIME out walking now and it's almost always coming from passing cars. In the 70s I rode a bicycle all over this valley and I never smelled weed like I do today and let me reiterate, that was the 70s! Everybody smoked weed in the 70s. Perhaps it was more clandestine then and probably for good reason. Today I rarely have to 2nd guess where it's coming from so I suppose people don't care how "traceable" the oder is? I don't mind people smoking weed, I just find it odd how often I smell it in the surrounding neighborhood. I'm not too sure about my comfort zone with anybody's driving sober or otherwise so basically I watch everyone like they're out of their minds.

How California voters rejected Proposition 19, which would have legalized possession and cultivation of marijuana (something I voted for and think is long overdue), is a little beyond me unless people were too busy getting high to get out and vote. Register to vote and vote people.

"Medical Cannabis," the label reads, in compliance with CA prop 215 SB 420, Section 11362.5 and 11362... etc. Why they have to litter the street I'm not sure. Dude, let me tell you... everyone within 500 feet knows you've been smoking weed in your car.

I don't smoke marijuana or anything else by the way. But I have and I'm certainly not opposed to anyone doing so especially if it helps you deal with anything in your life and makes you feel better or perhaps makes you a better person. I don't believe alcohol does that for the most part and I don't see other drugs having anywhere near the number of beneficial attributes that marijuana can have. I just wanted to point out my surprise over how much of it I smell during walks... oh and I learned a new term tonight: hotbox, or hotboxing. According to Urban Dictionary, The practice of smoking marijuana in an enclosed space (e.g. a car or a small room) in order to maximize the narcotic effect. We did this too in the 70s but again, it wasn't so upfront and for the most part, I think it's pretty stupid--just smoke the shit, or better yet, eat it--you don't need to reek of it. Also, legally and otherwise marijuana is not a narcotic. I gave you the 1st definition for hotboxing or hot boxing supplied by Urban Dictionary. Here are some definitions for urban dictionary over at Urban Dictionary.

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