Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today's walk report: 102613

I stopped at a yard sale one of my walk friends was having to say hi and see what was up. In part I wanted to get an idea of what he was asking for on "stuff" because I really need to do one of these myself. I got distracted but it seemed as though everything was a dollar.

I also stopped briefly to chat with this old guy on the campus who I'd see regularly on my walks and haven't seen in months. I had been thinking about him recently too. It turns out he usually walks at 4:30 A.M. nowadays. I believe he drives to the campus, parks and walks.

There was an old lady, had to be in her 80s easy, that I would see in the neighborhood before the campus all the time. She'd always smile and wave. Suddenly I saw her with an escort, a guy about 40  and then with him and a woman escorting her. She was struggling. I haven't seen her in months now. It was especially comforting to see her before my mom passed away for some reason. I miss her smile.

She always dressed the same.

Meanwhile the egret was back today for more crawdads. I was under a desert willow and barely had time to get a shot off as it was flying in.

Because of my chit-chatting I was losing light and wanted to get up on the hill for sunset so I didn't hang too long at the garden. I did spy this jack rabbit doing a number on this agave plant however.

Sunset action was pushing a little too far southwest for me to really get a good capture.

But the other side of sunset was nice to walk for the journey home.

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