Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's walk report: 102213

Some days I just want to run...

But I know better. I also want to run for all the wrong reasons. While there are times when I will run because I think my life might be threatened by an oncoming car or something, for the most part I think running (especially on pavement) is really rough on one's body. I used to be a runner, I'm not making this stuff up. It gets worse with age. If you feel like you have to run, I really suggest finding something better than city streets to run on and also find a method of running which minimizes impact. Also, I would not wear the shoes I wear if I were silly enough to run at 57 years old. I wear  a barefoot ride, Nike, Free 3.0. It's a great shoe for me walking but not for pounding the pavement running.

Today I wanted to run because my walks are based on distance, not time and I just wanted to get it over with. For the last few days walks have been really wonderful and I felt fantabulous but not today. Several times during my trek I thought of running to take care of some distance. Instead I cut the walk short. I think it works out to minus 3 km or 5.25 km total. Oh well. I think maybe I'm feeling the effects of not getting as much done today as I wanted to, not being entirely clear on some paperwork I need to do and not having a resource to assist me so I'm apprehensively going in and "winging it" and finally, having to deal with people who don't do their job, requiring me to follow up on shit I shouldn't have to follow up on. Today it was a bank--again.

All this was long before I ran into this little feline at the 1/2 mark so I'm not going to blame her. 

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