Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today's walk report: 100313

Sanity walk.

I spent 8 hours today toiling over paperwork last updated in 1981 by the California State Controller's
Bureau of Tax Administration. I was retracing my parent's residences and workplaces plus a bunch of other crap from 1945 to 1961. I came into exsistence for the outside world in April of 1956. That makes this a daunting task. I won't get into details but I'll explain that my father was killed in an automobile accident in 1961 and there is property which is still in both my parent's names to this day. My mother passed away in March of this year. I have to provide due diligence trying to fix this.

The 8 hours didn't start with my 7 A.M. rise either so I ended up cutting into walk time. I hate that but I'm so glad I went out and walked even though it was about 7 P.M. and dark. I plowed though a modest 6 km pretty darn quick and it was really nice to get the tension out of me and into the pavement. My day was dissonance my walk, perfect consonance. I believe there is a right exercise for everyone's head and walking is it for me.

I wanted to stop and play air hockey... my arms are long enough to play by myself but it's so slow without electricity.

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