Friday, October 11, 2013

Today's walk report: 101113

Spiders from the moon.

You've heard of Spiders from Mars. Well...

Here's the deal. I tried. This was the shot. This is, of course, an image stack since one or the other subject would be horribly out of focus but this is what I was watching and yes, the spider was quite large. The sun was below the garden at this point so a good image of this spider was really impossible without a secondary light source. I was carrying an LED flashlight but this view was overhead, in the wind and I was having enough trouble just framing the spider. The spider was also moving rather quickly trying to get a web up. The shadows and midtones were pushed way down just to get her looking like this.

I need to get out much earlier these days. Sunset today was at 6:25. I found the spider about 5:50 and the sun was already well below the garden.

It looks like the Conejo Buckwheat is starting to bloom, which is something I don't remember from last year. Maybe this is just a few early risers.

Here's an image of the same plant from a w.r. back in May. This is a 9 image focus stack.

That's all I could come up with. I'll try and get out earlier tomorrow. Anyway, I had a nice walk.

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