Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today's walk report: 101213

Are you hissing at me?!?

Got out the door at 4:05 P.M. today. That's an adjustment I need to make regular if I don't want to walk in the dark. Total walk time was 2 hours & 22 minutes. I did stop for one brief chat with walk friends Robin and Joe. R&J were out walking their two little terriers and I needed to warn them of what was up ahead.

But first...

Waiting for the sunset like they were watching a movie.

Until the big guy with the camera gets in front...

It's okay, they started finding their seats again.

Meanwhile a young red-tailed hawk sits wherever it pleases.

Pumpkin harvesting. I wonder if I spend Halloween night in that pumpkin patch and I truly believe...

Here's what the hissing was all about. This is the final leg of the walk, right at the edge of the sidewalk. I'm afraid this young opossum must've been injured. It's only a few feet from the street and that street has quite a bit of traffic. I ended up walking onto the street insted of passing on the sidewalk.

Here's the look I got once I moved closer.

Joe and Robin each picked up a terrier and I watched from a distance. About 3 seconds after this shot they stopped, turned and also detoured onto the street. I was clapping.

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