Monday, October 14, 2013

Today's walk report: 101413

1/2 way and back...

That's what I did and I planned it before I even left. This was due to a late start, left foot pain and apathy. Since I zig-zag up and down streets on my Mon-Thurs walks 1/2 way and home isn't nearly a whole but it's a chunk more than a 1/2. So, to the 1/2 way point I zig-zagged, turned around, did just one more zig and and a last zag to home. That means I did one long zig instead of 3 shorter ones and chopped off 3 zags from the 8.25 km walk. If the measurements in my head and my math are right that should make today's walk about 5.71 km.

Where is 1/2 way, nobody asked? Well, I'll tell you anyway. It's one house past the giant inflatable Dracula. Which, coincidently (or not?) is the spot I typically see the greatest abundance of bats flying about when I happen to hit the area just past sunset. That was a frequent occurrence I'm trying to get way ahead of.

Oh, despite my tardiness, the foot pain and the apathy I had a nice walk. Thanks!

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