Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today's walk report: 101513

What could be less interesting...

than yesterday's post? This one will make the grade.

I almost called the walk on account of left foot issues. This problem was noted yesterday. Typically I can transcend foot pain (I ALWAYS have some) but there are times when aggravating a problem is going to compound it further. This is almost always when my running shoes have given up the fight and need to be replaced. I think it's way early on the current pair. I'm going to try an alternate pair of shoes tomorrow.

You see how this is going?

Aside from this same as yesterday foot pain. Also same as yesterday I got a late start. But I wasn't apathetic like I was yesterday. I was looking forward to transcending the foot pain pain (that happened about 1 km into the walk), enjoying my walk and listening to music... That ended about 3 km in. The battery on my iPod gave out. Damn! I finished that street and started heading back. Without music the foot pain came back to the forefront too. I hate that. I have a bad habit of not charging my iPod and this particular iPod is only good for a little over 3 hours on a charge nowadays. It' a relic from 2004. I wrote some nonsense about iPods way back in May here.

Having over analyzed yesterday's walk I know I cut precisely 1 km off of that for a total walk today of 4.71 km. It is what it is, sorry the story is so dull.

By the way, the iPod quit right after the final chord of this...

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