Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's walk report: 101713

Foot recovery day.

Yesterday I didn't bitch about anything but before yesterday I was having issues with my left foot and I brought this up--for a couple of days. The truth be known, about 6 km in last night of what wound up being a 7.25 km walk, I was in agony. Actually, add 100 meters or so for me to make the decision to turn toward home. I complained about the same problem back on 9/30 so I guess the last d.i.y. foot surgery was on the 1st. I got about 2 weeks out of it. I performed surgery both yesterday and today and decided I needed to let the tenderness dissipate and not walk today. 7 P.M. and I'm already getting pretty grumpy so I will bid farewell and I think put a few miles in on the recumbent bike to burn off some steam. Plus I have a busy day tomorrow and need to prepare a few things.

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