Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today's walk report: 101613

Driven by Death.

More and more Halloween decorations popping up which is nice to see. Probably from about age 12 forward Halloween became my favorite "holiday" celebration. I miss my old neighborhood for Halloween though. There you had a lot, in fact I'll say most people, doing up the decorations for October 31st trick or treaters.

Death driving the pumpkin coach reminded me of an image I did for shits and giggles in 2009. I reworked Frank Frazetta's "Headless Horseman" as a bicyclist. I get into cycling during the fall/winter. I prefer night rides on lonely streets with lights on both the bike and the streets. When I came back to this Valley 2.25 years ago I was attempting this but my primary focus was to take care of my mom. After a few rides I decided it wasn't worth worrying her over my going out at night nor the possibility of a fall or flat delaying my return so I put it aside. This year it will happen and it's coming up pretty soon.

The original image by Frank Frazetta.

and my "Headless Cyclist."

I took some odd liberties with proportions, struggling a bit but it was for fun. I frequently do a Happy Halloween e-mail blast so there is that motivation. I usually try to do something nice, a little personal and different. Last Halloween I put my face in place of Johnny Depp's as the Mad Hatter. Actually, I have quite a few of these but this one came out the best.

Here's a few shots from my old neighborhood walks this time of year to provide an idea of the scale of involvement in Halloween.

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