Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today's walk report: 070213

I've got nothing, really...

But then, how is that any different than another day? Well, at least some days I try to get some nice pictures.

I've been doing the "neighborhood" walk the last couple of days because of the heat and it's shorter and flatter with more opportunities to cut it even shorter if I so desire. The regular walk is a big circle for the most part, so I feel more committed to the course. There is one tangent of about 1.4 km and there are times I add other tangents if I'm feeling really energetic (or if I cut off the 1st one and feel guilty.) There's also the summer school thing going on so that makes the college campus less inviting.

Today I ran into M & M, two very nice ladies who live nearby and have a similar walk every evening. I will get a picture of M & M sometime soon hopefully. I did get one the day my camera had broken when its issues were still unknown to me. It's a lot worse than the pictures I did post that day. Anyway, we chatted for a couple of blocks and then took our own direction. It's nice to run into people and have an exchange from time to time even though the pace is odd. I haven't found many people who care to walk at my speed and there's my stride--I'm a lot of leg.

I have a point and shoot in my pocket always on non-DSLR camera days but I'm not inclined to use it. I've gotten pretty spoiled using a "real" camera. There was one shot I considered today and that was this old gentleman who was painting his disheveled white split rail fence. He was probably in his late 70s early 80s, wearing dress shorts, a short sleeved dress shirt, shoes and socks. He was sitting on a small chair placed slightly lopsided on the not so well kept lawn. He looked very attentive, almost studious as he painted. The image seemed a bit Norman Rockwell for the new millennium to me. I almost turned around to go back but in looking over my shoulder I realized that walking back to the image I saw wasn't possible. The picture was gone. Besides, at the rate he was going he'll probably be there tomorrow...

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