Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today's walk report: 071013

I thought it would be nice to take a walk in the summer rain...

However, I had to run serpentine just to catch a few drops. But it was raining a tiny bit and "chance of rain" tonight is 10%. Whatever they mean by "tonight," it's already 7:15 PM.

83ยบ, out the door about 5:40 PM and I didn't suffer from the weather as much as I have in recent days.

I had a mission too. I decided to zig-zag the southbound neighborhood and take a detour at about 6 km, head under the freeway for the supermarket and pick up a container of vanilla ice cream.

Remember when it was a 1/2 gallon of ice cream? Now it's either 1.5 or in my case today, 1.75 quarts. If you want to go back to "the good old days," you can still get a 1/2 gallon of vanilla Ice Cream at Trader Joe's. It's pretty decent vanilla too. I'm kind of picky about vanilla ice cream.

Along the way...

Rest stop...

Two of those chairs and a love seat. In good shape for the most part. They would have been swooped up in 10 minutes on my street. Actually, this is my street but a different block with less visibility to traffic.

Almost to the supermarket. A photo op with the mannequins. I was planning to get cute but there were too many potential witnesses.

Back home, mission accomplished and only modestly softened during the journey home.

 Total walk, 8.45 km. Not enough to cancel much of this. The reason for the i.c., my carrot cake cupcakes from Monday are getting a tad dry and I don't really like cake without ice cream.

I've said it before but for the benefit of newcomers and those of you with poor short term memory... I never promise anything here more than a report on my daily walk.

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