Thursday, July 4, 2013

Today's walk report: 070413

L.A. County Sheriffs ruin the 4th of July for 100s.

I don't know about the number but I saw them ruin plans for many, including me. Mine were last minute but I decided after 7 PM to hold on the walk, leave a few minutes past sunset (8:11 PM), take camera and tripod and attempt to get some long exposures from the top of the hill inside the college campus. I wasn't expecting much but I thought it might be fun. L.A, County Sheriff's had other ideas.

The cars on the right are being turned away. I was only watching for a couple of minutes and I saw about 10 cars being told to leave. Actually I was contemplating of a way I could get in and to a spot on the hill where it would be doubtful I'd be seen. On foot it wouldn't have been a huge effort nevertheless it wasn't worth it. I never in my life had seen this campus closed like this before and for people just wanting to go to the parking lot on top of the hill and watch for fireworks. I can imagine disappointed children.

So I walked back home. Total walk, 2.5 km.

I saw a few fireworks from the street just east of me, 40 m from my front door. I was pretty lackadaisical about getting a picture besides once I was set-up they stopped, at least the higher aerials had stopped or were way too far between.

For what it's worth...

I remember seeing fireworks look like this... during the 70s.

The plan was to use my remote to trigger the shutter but by the time it was out of my pocket all I saw was wimpy stuff below and behind those tress. So screw it. Besides I wanted to get shots of the Valley maybe even attempt some sort of panorama. I haven't had dinner. Thanks L.A. County Sheriffs for supporting your community.

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