Monday, July 8, 2013

Today's walk report: 070813

Ice cream headache...

A short hoof to the local pharmacy to pick up a pair of 1.00 reading glasses. I would have continued beyond that mere 2.2 km round trip however the reason I was getting the reading glasses was to see if they might adequately supplement my prescription computer glasses and help me avoid a recent battery of eye strain headaches... or are they ice cream headaches? Whatever. My ophthalmologist had recommended that if I didn't want to fork out the $$ on both computer glasses and reading glasses that I should do fine with 1.00 drugstore glasses in a pinch. I'm not so sure about this now that I have them home. My computer glasses are always a challenge for the opthalmology group since my requirements are a range of focus on the screen from 24" to 42". Apparently that's not very typical but I'm sure it is somewhat typical for people like me who do precise work in digital imagery, vector graphics, etc. They aren't very good for reading like a normal person and reading is one place I think I'm straining my eyes. Right now I'm in the other place.

Nothing about this image works for me.

I had made a mad dash across the street perpendicular to mine heading out, in part because the headache was making me feel precariously lackadaisical about oncoming traffic. The other part was purely poor judgment. I would have to say that careless dash was responsible for good timing in bumping into a former schoolmate. I have not seen in person for at least 39 years and a month. That could be a lot of catching up if so inclined. I think we both wanted to get to what we were getting to before the encounter but it was a nice chat nonetheless. It also had this quality of "binding" me to my situation here in a way. A connection to the past which was real and alive. Interestingly enough my headache also went away but I wasn't going to test that by extending the walk.

So there was that. Tomorrow I will walk in earnest once again despite whatever obstacles physical or otherwise may avail themselves. I always make up for short walks the following day. I'm sorry this was so uninteresting, I'll try to make up for that too.

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