Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today's walk report: 070913

Appreciate life like a child.

This morning I was watching the 10th stage of the Tour de France this sentiment suddenly struck me about the sport and about my life. Certainly there was some connection with childhood and riding a bike for the 1st time. So think for a moment what it takes to turn that spirit into a career. 

I didn't think the concept was especially profound and certainly not original. I'm sure it's been said 1,000s of times before but when it came to mind it simply felt perfect and I wanted to share it. So what did I do? I posted it on Facebook, of course. 

The fact is, I think my "inner child" is probably the key to my ultimate success and happiness. I just need to channel it in the proper direction.

It had nothing to do with this moment. This was a capture from my iPad a few days ago during one of the stages in the Pyrenees. It fits my theme though.

Onto the walk...

I did the southbound neighborhood walk again today but expanded it out to 8.26 km. It still could use a little extra considering my regular walk is 8.79 km and has one decent hill. This neighborhood walk is flat as a flounder. Despite that I walked it really fast. 

Daddy, would you buy me a basketball system?
Sure, son, I'll even give you a bench...

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