Monday, July 15, 2013

Today's walk report: 071513

Real quick...

That was the walk and so should be my report. I blasted through the 8.25 km southbound neighborhood walk and about the only thing I saw that was interesting was a feral parrot. It was talking to me too. No DSLR, no 300 mm lens and it was only a parrot, you've seen a parrot before, right? Not that trite, lame, boring, stupid shit hasn't stopped me from posting in the past. Anyway, it reminded me of my old neighborhood and my walks there once again. We had lots of feral parrots in Windsor Square. I remember one time this couple, early 30s, dashing about near our house (yes, I was married, with a son, a house and a cat named Mickey) they were gazing up in the trees with a certain earnest panicky look. I asked what was going on and they said their parrot got out and they were trying to find him. I had to snicker, right, freedom or you and his cage, certainly he'll fly right to you when you call. I think all I said though was "good luck."

That's about it for the walk, it simply got done. I also went to the local garden center and picked up some plants today. Most of which have to wait for a cooler morning tomorrow before they go into the ground. I did bring a camera to the nursery however so I may as well brighten up this post...

Also, this was left off my post yesterday. This had been missing an ID in this post from 6/28. This is Gold Star Esperanza (Tecoma stans). I know that now because I bought one. It's the only plant I got in the ground today before the weather got too brutal to be digging in the dirt.

Speaking of digging in the dirt. Back in the days when music videos were made exceptionally well. A few of them were, anyway.

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