Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's walk report: 073013

Smooth jazz... 

I added the Wikipedia link to the title above without really bothering to read it. I glanced at it and it appears to cover some bases. For me smooth jazz was an alternative path in music listening, primarily during the early 80s. It was "pop" jazz, it was background music, it was sex music. By sex music I mean it was something I could tolerate and it crossed enough territory for women who certainly would not have appreciated my taste in music yet it would... well, let's just say it created the right atmosphere.

Los Angeles has a radio station, 94.7 The Wave, which WAS the frequency of the best AOR station growing up, KMET. The Wave used to promote itself as "smooth jazz." It doesn't look like they do that anymore, perhaps this is the evolution of smooth jazz--"Relax...and Unwind." And have sex? I don't know, I don't really care to find out but back "in the day" it worked for me and kept me from having to go out and buy smooth jazz--although I did buy some.

What does this have to do with my walk? A song from this album ended up on my living room playlist mostly because I put it together in haste but also because I was trying to mix it up some by adding music that I really haven't heard, or don't remember since it was acquired. I think 3rd Force was one of the CDs I used to have for an Italian/restaurant/deli/market I had with my "EX" early to mid-90s. From the song in the living room which is nice, it's pretty, not really my style but it made me decide to make a walk out of the album and add it to my iPod. 1/2 the walk anyway. 

Here's that song mentioned... go get laid.

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