Friday, July 5, 2013

Today's walk report: 070513

All quiet on the western front...

I didn't think it would happen but I told myself not to be surprised if the gestapo had the gates to the campus closed again. They didn't.

It was a nice walk for the most part I was a little sluggish for the 1st 6.5 km and then did something I haven't done in over a year. I bought a Mountain Dew from a vending machine. Ya-hooo!

Before that...

I don't have an ID on this. Last year I missed out on the flower opening. I'm going to try and not do that this year. It would be nice if it could happen this weekend.

Monarch butterfly on Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii).

Skipper on Butterfly bush.

Lesser Goldfinch AKA, Dark-backed Goldfinch on Bog sage (Salvia uliginosa). Boing... boing.

One of the two donkeys, both were in the field the other one is just off camera to the left. This is the 1st time in over two years I've seen them outside of a pen. I wonder what ass is responsible for keeping them hold up all the time. They looked more content out here too.

First pass past this cow it was watching me. I felt there was a connection so I took her picture on the way back.

Sunflower, has seen better days.

Almost home, sun's setting...

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