Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today's walk report: 021314

Corbin Canyon Park.

We made it this time!

On our way...

Some variety of Bauhinia, aka, Orchid tree, nicely pruned.

My wonderful companion, Docken, at the entrance to the canyon.

Corbin Canyon
These 328 acres were acquired in 2001 by Santa Mountain Conservancy
of the State of California
Joseph T. Edmiston, Executive Director (and person who had to have his name on this plaque)
Acquisition made possible by
Tarzana Homeowners Association
Transferred to
California State Parks in 2002

Garter snake, we almost didn't see this little fellow crossing the trail.

Rest stop?

Even when the scenery wasn't so nice I had a beautiful view, aka, Docken walkin' and walkin' with Docken.

The canyon is desperately in need of rain but despite the dryness there were many signs of fresh green growth coming in. It'll be interesting to revisit the canyon in a couple of months.

Shadows heading home.

Home and baby snapdragons. Total walk, 10.41 km or 6.47 miles.

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