Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today's walk report: 021214


When it comes to walks for the sake of going for a walk I've never been able to get anyone to go for a walk with me. I've made requests before and others have hinted at taking a walk with me it just never materializes. There always needed to be a contingency plan or some ulterior motive like going to a movie. Those walks, for the most part, were riddled with complaints from the other party or they were short jaunts which didn't really qualify as "walks" under my previous definition of 5 km or more.

Once again today I had a companion for my walk and once again it was nothing but a joy. There were no compromises either. It was the full 8.25 km southbound neighborhood walk at a pretty good clip. It was as wonderful as it was invigorating.

Meanwhile, on the way out, appearing in my front yard today...

1st bearded iris bloom of the year.

1st California Poppy bloom too...

There were a couple more 1st blooms but as you can see this was high noon lighting and not real conducive to good photos; maybe tomorrow.

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