Friday, February 28, 2014

Today's walk report: 022814

Rainbow connection.

One month ago I met someone over a rainbow connection. Someone I hadn't spoken to in about 42 years innocently wrote this to me in playful conversation after watering her garden...

"I know that this sounds totally corny, but the butterfly's all come out to play in the water, and depending on where the sun is, I make rainbows for them..."

My response was a smile and a reply with this image from a walk report dated February 28th, 2013, one year ago today!

From the Facebook era of the walk report.
I just told her this and her reply was the same as her reply above. I've never had such a powerful connection with anyone and to top it off she has become my best friend in life.

Today marks one month since we've reconnected and today's walk was once again highlighted by a rainbow connection. I love you Docken!

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