Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today's walk report: 082213

What's green, bulbous and has four eyes?

But first...

Come walk time I just didn't feel like it but am so glad I went. I was up before 5 AM today, in downtown Los Angeles by 6:45 and then stood in a line to get into Los Angeles Superior Court and another line to get one of four Golden Tickets for a probate workshop for a whopping total of 1.5 hours--standing. It was like waiting to get into Disneyland's Haunted Mansion in the summer of '69. I was number 3. Then it turns out they decided to take in a total of 11 people for whatever reason. Apparently usual is 8 but there are four people assisting, today it was only one. I have to say the woman handing all of us was amazing. She was the first really pleasant, knowledgeable and through person I've had to deal with at the court so far. Everything went smoothly and I was out just a little past noon. Then I got on the wrong freeway to come home.

That was okay too though, I readjusted and ended up going into my old neighborhood, which I miss dearly and visited a couple of people there.

I came home to a 91ยบ house with a cat pretty darned pissed off at me. I think for both no A/C and the fact that it was 2 PM and all she had was an early AM treat. Sorry Lucy.

Anyway, 6 PM I told myself get out or you're going to be upset and a little empty later if you don't walk so walk I did.

Here's the answer to the "riddle" above.

3rd time is the charm. There were two other missed photo ops with this young Red-tailed hawk in the garden recently. On both of the previous occasions I was clodding along and my non-stealth approach spooked the bird. I did that again today but since it had just got itself a kill it was anxious to hang around and eat. I'm pretty sure that's a rat. I got lots of pictures. I'm about 4 meters away shooting at a focal length of 240mm here.

another at 300mm...

last one... Yes, unquestionably aware of my presence.

then there was this guy thinking, wow! glad it wasn't me.

and sunset...

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