Friday, August 2, 2013

Today's walk report: 080213

Every time I see a coyote in the street...

They literally stop time for me for just a moment while this thought races through my head... what the fuck!

But first there was this stuff...

Pyrgus communis, the common checkered-skipper.

There were 3 butterflies I followed around quite a bit, including two Monarchs. Following butterflies can drive you nuts.

I spent a long time in the garden because I got chit-chatty with the garden curator, Keith and I hadn't seen him for awhile. He asked me how my mother was for one, so there was a conversation (mom passed away almost 5 months ago.)

I kept checking the time on my camera once I moved out of the garden. The sky told me I would be in for a very nice sunset if I could hang around for it but with an hour to go once I cleared the garden I decided to skip it. I didn't really have the right lens anyway.

There was this however. I don't recall if I've posted this phenomena here before but I've talked about it in other places. This is typically rocket fuel tests mixing in with lower clouds and sunlight. This is my camera pointing at Vandenberg Air Force Base.The tonal quality of the sky here is a lot closer to the image above but the rainbow-like glow is about right here. It's a photographic compromise.

Dove on a dead tree branch.

Finally, the coyote. This is basically right across the street from the central walkway though the college campus, heading up toward the stadium. He doesn't care. Note the dove on the fence post.

The backside of where he's heading is residential. He's only about 250 meters from a bunch of people's backyards. Better get the cats inside folks! I'm probably about 50-60 m away in this 2nd shot.

Then there was this. Two crows pecking away at a road kill ground squirrel. I watched them both drag this from the street.

Caught a bit of pre-sunset along the busway, almost home.

I had a really nice walk and a long day with just over 10 miles on the exercise bike in the AM and a bunch of garden grunt work after that. Thanks for coming along on the walk!

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