Monday, August 19, 2013

Today's no walk report: 081913, foot recovery

That's right no walk.

Every now and again I do some minor d.i.y. foot surgery. I did that this morning. It was successful too but I got into watching some Dodgers baseball late afternoon/early evening and even though it wasn't going my team's way I sat through the game and decided to give my feet a break. For exercise I got on the recumbent bike and pumped out 13.27 miles in 40:20.

Yesterday's 1st walk was giving my feet some grief. If there were any particular part of my body I could ask for an exchange on it would probably be my feet--as long as I can also get a refresh on my ankles.

I was trying to find something to illustrate this disappointing post but I couldn't really find anything that worked for me. I kept finding various versions of this...

If you subscribe to any of this and think there's something here that works more power to you. I think I'd be in serious trouble if there was much of a correlation between my feet and what they've got going here. Sorry, medical practices based on ancient mysticism don't have much appeal for me.

On the bike, the theme music was Mahavishnu Orchestra. It kind of gets you going.

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