Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today's walk report: 082013

Night walk, new macro light test.

Way back on 051113 I went out and tested the Sunpak macro light discussed in this post. I was really disappointed in the light overall and more recently got one of these. The Neewer Macro light having two obvious advantages over the Sunpak light. One it has a diffuser and two you can have all the 48 lights on (full circle) or you can have just the left or right side on. A dimmer seems an even better option but hey, this shit is pretty darn cheap.

Anyway, I got into the Dodgers baseball game (Dodgers beat the Marlins 6-4) and decided I'd head out after the game. I grabbed a flashlight, camera with a Canon 60mm macro and shoved the macro light in my back pocket. iPod... I always have my trusty iPod.

But there was nothing fun to shoot. I was looking for insects and did see a single one sitting on a plant Well, there were a couple of little moths but you know what they did as soon as they saw the light coming toward them. Yep, they flew right into it.

I took a few photos just to get an idea on the light but my heart wasn't in it. Besides past 8 PM it was still hot and humid. I was perspiring profusely.

Rose, left side light on. 6 image focus stack.

San Pedro Cactus flower, light full circle.

Apache plume, right side lighting. 5 image stack. I didn't even see the fly until now.

That's enough. Thanks for visiting.

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