Saturday, August 3, 2013

Today's walk report: 080313

Mostly pics...

Female Allen's hummingbird on Tecoma stans. Two shots for the yellow flowers. I think these are my 1st pics of hummingbirds on yellow flowers.

This is "the other" monarch butterfly from yesterday. This one is really mangled but most of the damage is hidden in this shot.

Mockingbird on "bad hair day" agave.

Milkweed seeds. I thought this was gonna come out artsy-cool. Oh well.

I caught the fountain fogging. I think this happens about every 15-30 minutes, I've never hung out long enough to find out. The fountain's pump has a device in it that creates a high frequency sonic vibration which produces ultra fine droplets of water. This is the tail end of the process. Start to finish is probably less than 1 minute.

The clock on the new library. This is where I've been making a decision on whether or not to hang around until sunset--which means walk and in this case that means walk for an hour before the sun sets. I wasn't going to do that.

Once I got around the one decent size hill I have to schlep up I decided what the heck on the sunset and headed over toward the stadium to climb above it and onto the cross country course.

They were wrapping up a movie shoot in the stadium. I have no idea what this was but I strongly sense it's going to be a piece of shit. In the end zone you can see someone vacuuming. That's plastic confetti which was apparently shot well into the air since I started seeing it about 500 meters from the stadium--everywhere.

 A Google image search indicated that's Robin Thicke on the giant inflatable football. Thanks for making a mess of the campus Robin. P.S. Your music sucks.

Onto the CC course waiting for sunset. No smoking! This is some seriously dry weeds.

I wandered back and forth for about 1/2 an hour and then there was this...

It got even nicer but it was time to head home.

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  1. Google image search says that's Robin Thicke on the football. Maybe this was a music video. Pretty big production if it was. I only know what I just saw doing the image search on Thicke--he's a pop idol?