Monday, August 12, 2013

Today's walk report: 081213

This is REALLY stupid.

It's just a point of feeble curiosity, walking along, the dull Monday walk, nothing interesting or exciting along the way, only music as a diversion from the humdrum of a quiet neighborhood. But there were these...

And they were spread out over more than 6 km of my walk. This wasn't all of them either. It wasn't until I saw 4 of them over the course of a few blocks that I started wondering where they may have come from and decided to take pictures. Is it odd that I think this was odd? Maybe so but I already told you this is really stupid.

Meanwhile, I had a mission once again and was walking the long winding way to the local Pavilions supermarket because I wanted to get some body wash and a twin pack of Axe deodorant • bodyspray. I stink, what can I say? Actually there's a lot of soap here but most of it is between 15 and 42 years old and I want "fresh and fragrant skin."

"Rainforest fresh." I suspect whoever came up with that has no idea of what the floor of a rainforest is really like since it's probably a bit like walking through a pile of organic compost. Full of termites, earthworms and fungi. But hey, studies in marketing must have whole classes dedicated to the gullibility of the average consumer. I bought the shit because it was $1.99 and most of the competing products were $3.49 and up. I think the flavor next to this was Mango or something really strange so rainforest it was.

Walking to the supermarket by the way. If I need a few items I always will walk--for most errands I need to do if I can walk I will. I was also pointing out to my friend Bob today that if it means walking to a market which is farther away but it has self-checkout I will exercise that option. Checking out at the supermarket is not something I care to do whilst interacting with somebody who works there. Standing in line is also one of my least favorite things to do. I'll leave it at that.

Oh, I also got this sort of as a novelty thing and because I usually get something to hydrate with if I walk to a store. Whoever came up with packaging coconut water and charging exorbitant prices for it--that was brilliant. Look, you got me... once.

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