Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today's walk report: 082113

I think it's stress.

I don't have the energy now, it's dark, I need to have some dinner. Plus I have to get up early. Another day spent preparing for Probate court. Now I need to eat, relax, watch a movie... something to get past TODAY. Tomorrow I have to visit downtown once again and see if everything I did today is going to work. I'm trying to manuveaur within a system which not only assumes you've got a lawyer, it has also been designed to fight against you if you don't. Despite The independent Administration of Estate Act (IAEA), a series of laws allowing the personal representative to administer most aspects of the decedent's estate, resources for getting through the idiosyncratic intricacies of Los Angeles Superior Court are virtually nil. People at the court do what they do and that's about it. There's certainly someone somewhere in there who can help but they don't make finding that person (those people) easy.

Not going for a walk leaves a void every time but that's what's happening--I'm going to go and try to fill it but I already know... I miss my walk.

I found this several years ago... love it.

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