Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today's walk report: 121413

Late again.

I  had a visitor right around walk time so I was late in getting out. Late getting out means not a lot of sun left in the day. Having an old friend stop by was nicer than getting out for my walk on time. I stepped out about 4:20 and sunset today was at 4:47. Tomorrow I think I'll shoot for a much earlier than usual walk so I can find some pictures to take.

4:44 PM.

4:59 PM. Looking north up Mason Avenue.

5:10 PM and heading home.

It was a really pleasant walk and feet aside, almost pain free. Yesterday I complained about tight & painful tensor fascia latae muscles which I believe were causing lower back and some other leg discomfort too. This, by the way, is often attributed to too much time sitting and I think that's a major contributor for me. Today I did less sitting and I also spent some time on the TSLs with this...

I'm not sure where this Morfam massager came from but I'm glad it's here. New these run about $160 (street price). This one is about 22 years old and it works great.

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  1. Walking/trotting with Zoe, our ageing girl, has saved my back, which tends to be the issue i must deal with. I like the idea you have here chronicling your daily treks. Nice to see your shots of the old stomping grounds. Alot has changed since the time we owned the valley on our bikes.