Monday, December 23, 2013

Today's walk report: 122313

Go for a walk or take a nap?

If it gets to the either/or position the walk always wins. If the question arises and there's time for both I'll squeeze the nap in or at least lie down, close my eyes and listen to some music. I don't typically get worn out tired but my eyes are. Usually this means too much time on the computer but it's also straining my eyes by leaving my computer glasses on and doing non-computer related stuff. It's easy enough to do. I go to great lengths with my ophthalmologist to make sure I have a wide range of focus for computer work--24" to 42". Absent mindlessly I might walk around with my glasses on because that range doesn't express out of focus eyestrain nearly as readily as reading glasses would. It's a bad habit. Little bad habits like this on going on my new year's resolutions list--nice manageable stuff I can put notes around the house for until I create new habits.

Today I was tired, all of me tired. I had a great deal of difficulty getting to sleep last night and just as much trouble waking and getting up. Then it was back to errands and housework preparing for tomorrow's pre-Christmas festivities. It's for the guests but it's mostly for me. When everything is said and done I'd like to relax, enjoy myself and also take some time to reflect on the year gone by, where I'm at and which direction I'd like to go. I think having the place clean will help with that. I'm almost always "neat," I'm not always that good on the clean side.

Anyway, I grabbed the iPod and my camera and took account of my condition again today, headed out the door and wound up with another 4km walk to the garden and back.

Just off the curb on my 2nd block. It says DOTCOW on the dress. I didn't notice the "press here" sticker or I would have.

The 3rd day of winter and while it's not like winter in the mid-west or the east you've still got plants knowing the time of year and dying back. These are all CA natives, mostly sages. I had the wrong lens for this but you get the idea, everything is pretty much brown.

Green lynx #1 is still hanging out. I didn't have my close-up attachment but don't believe her babies are still living at home. It was windy so excuse the focus please.

That's it, not very exciting but the walk was nice and fresh, about 72ยบ out the door with a nice cool wind blowing all along the way. Alright, a late afternoon/early evening cup of coffee is in order while I work out my cooking game plan for tomorrow morning.

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