Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Today's walk report: 122313, Christmas, 2013

A Christmas day walk report, special edition.

Okay, probably not special other than going out at a special time, doing a longer than average walk and having some Christmas related images. Plus if I call it special it makes up for the no walk report yesterday, not even a report of no report until right now. Yesterday was cooking and last minute cleaning for a small get together, day before Christmas, smörgåsbord feast. There was so much food I didn't even have time to prepare some of what I had planned to make. I forgot to take a picture of the table too. It looked something like this, only different.

Anyway, once my guests had left and I got the kitchen partially back in order, which is about the same state it remains in now, almost 24 hours later, I was more than ready to vegetate on the couch for the remainder of the evening. I watch concert videos, about 2/3rds of a movie and crawled into bed about midnight. The fire in my fireplace had burned itself out hours earlier, there were ginger snap and pfeffernüsse cookies on the coffee table but alas no one came down the chimney leaving  me gifts.

A lazy morning with my constant companion, Lucy T. Cat and out the door before lunch, or breakfast for that matter, off for a walk by 12:30. 75º and winds up to 25 mph it wasn't what most people (including me) would call Christmas weather but it was nice, I didn't mind.

I started with about 1/4 of my Mon-Thus, southbound neighborhood walk, part of the infamous, "Candy Cane Lane" and then did my "full" campus walk... roughly 11 km in all.

Creepy. I question the people who like to do creepy. Sorry to judge but geez, it's for young children.

Close up of Chucky the Elf.

I'm not sure I get the Santa Claus pirate ship connection either.

Model T Santa, this I understand completely. I mean, chitty-chitty bang, bang was a flying car, then there was Flubber...

The mail carrier had to smile at least once over the past several days.

These people obviously like Mickey Mouse and company.

The way over the top we love Santa Claus house.

Sort of a Santa meets Tarzan kind of thing.

One of my favorite decorations, sparing no expense to make something of quality that really stands out.

Onto the campus.

I met this charming British couple who we out birding and we stopped to chat. She told me about a San Fernando Valley Audubon group that does monthly outings and I'm going to look into that. I have a fondness for birds of prey for some reason and I'm not sure I'm interested in much else, other than the photography side which I find to be rather solitary but I would be interested in the locations they visit and it would probably be good for me to meet some people.

Nobody's ever very excited about getting their picture taken (I got that <sigh>) but I think they look quite lovely.

Lots of Canada geese in the pastures and flying about.

CORRECTED, almost positive now this is a Prairie falcon. Part of my problem in ID'ing birds is I think I get quite a number of wrong IDs online.

Horse, fly.

Red-tailed hawk and contrail.

American Kestrel in flight... avoiding me... as always.

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