Monday, December 9, 2013

Today's walk report: 120913

A brisk walk in the brisk air.

Wow! That was good. Just what the doctor ordered because I was having a pretty shitty day trying to understand the logistics behind the paperwork I'm working on. I will spare you any details. Suffice it to say I was really feeling down but everything changed on the walk... I hope it holds until tomorrow.

My walk started out cold. Cold for a light sweatshirt and jeans anyway. With the wind chill I departed at about 36ยบ F and that wind was really blowing too. We had gusts up to 50 mph today and while that may have toned down some for most of the 6.29 km walk (short) I'm sure some of the gusts I experienced were up around 35 mph. Once I was 3 km in I was essentially "warm." It's my hands for the most part that tell me. I would have liked to held someone's hand once I got to that point because I think most people outside would have been surprised how warm my hands got. But I didn't start out like that.

Reminded me of a dog I used to own named Chinook, only smaller...

No, this one isn't even close. There are some serious wiring hazards out there. This one is more of a tripping hazard. Some others are some really funky, highly questionable electrical issues. We've got some Clark Griswolds in the 'hood.

I told you it was windy.

Inflatable lawn decorations seem quite popular... except with 50 mph gusts.

Bat glove, plant.

Me and Chinook, 1981.

Walk music today, starting about 3 km in. It wasn't planned but it fit just perfect. I was singing this too! Great Googly Moogly!!!

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