Friday, December 6, 2013

Today's walk report: 120613

Maybe I should consider college counseling...

That's what my walk ended up focusing on, at least for the first half. As I made my back door approach to the garden today and saw the egret walking into what I thought was uncharted territory. I've never seen this bird go outside the lily pond area before except to get away to either the structure covering one bench or to a nearby roof. Or of course to fly off elsewhere. Usually because I was antagonizing the poor thing with my picture taking. Today however he was walking over to the fountain in front of the pond like he could care less about people around. There was also a co-ed watching him and taking pictures with her Android. As I approached she commented, you showed up with the camera just in time.

I explained that the egret and I have a rather long history together. I am, in fact, not too interested in taking pictures of him of late. I did however find it interesting to see him walk so casually across the pathway over to this memorial fountain. I've explained before, I just decided this was a he, I don't really know that. He started munching on mosquito fish in the fountain. The lily pond is, or maybe was, full of both mosquito fish and crawdads. Did he deplete those resources already? Perhaps he was simply looking for something different.

Anyway, I started getting into a conversation with the young lady, Giselle, after she asked me if I was a teacher. I actually think I give a teacher vibe and I've said for years now I would like to teach but I don't seem to be finding the proper direction to do that. Briefly, I would like to teach multimedia/creative computing because that's essentially what I've done for years as a person selling hardware and software into those disciplines. I have an uncanny knack in figuring out creative workflows and most importantly, I enjoy it. Unfortunately, I don't have an arts degree. I've have a degree from the University of Self-taught Creativity. Formally, I have a degree in Psychology and I'm supposed to have a degree in Philosophy after thinking I had successfully doubled my major in my sophomore year but I've never seen that on paper. That's what Giselle said she was studying, psychology. It turned out after some questioning that might not be what she really wants to do. I told her to look at/for what she wants to do and then find some diversity in that. Basically I think I was saying not to put all of her eggs in one basket. I was pretty much telling her/asking her all of the things I wish somebody had told/asked me then I was in college.

So there was this conversation and the egret kept on meandering about. I felt the declining sun and wanted to catch the sunset. I also felt Giselle had probably had enough of me, we said goodbye and I headed for the sunset. She in turn headed for her cellphone.

I don't know why I always forget to ask people if it would be okay to get a picture of them but it didn't occur to me until we parted.

I also forgot to check green lynx spider #1. We had freezing temperatures here last night. I somehow expect that is not good for a spider in the open guarding her nest. I'll see tomorrow.

Onto the sunset...

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