Friday, May 31, 2013

Today's walk report: 053113

Goodbye May, 2013.

In a way I did two walks today. I went shopping, late morning at the wonderful Sperling Nursery in Calabasas, CA. Google says it take about 8 minutes to get there, it seemed like 15 to me. This was my first visit with list in hand. I walked right up to the outdoor information kiosk, held up my thumb and declared, I have a black thumb, I need help. They smile, I showed them my list and a woman became my personal guide into a bewildering maze of botanical wonder. Listen... I just get overwhelmed at the place, OK?

Here's what I got

1 Tall lanky Verbena
1 Meyer lemon standard (I don't know what standard means, I'm just reading the receipt)
1 Crape Myrtle
1 Chilopsis linearis (the only item that was actually on my list)

After I got these items picked out and paid for, I went for my camera and took my own tour, hence, my first walk of the day. It's a pretty big place and if you go up and down, back and forth over all aisles you can cover a fair amount of ground. The camera is still messed up by the way, I just know how to avoid some of the issues.

Hemerocallis hybrid, Daylily
Sisyrinchium striatum.

Cosmos and a bee.

Another daylily hybrid.
I don't know and I'm too tired to care.

Onto the evening, regular walk...

This was an effort to do a focus stack across several images, turned out to be 9, hoping it would look interesting. I won't influence that by saying how I feel it turned out.

This plant just flowered since Monday. Lots of these beautiful purple spears. I'm afraid I don't have a name here either.

This is an agave spike I've been waiting on for those flowers to open. Agaves die after they bloom so you won't see this plant next year.

There's been another major fire well north of me for the last two days so air quality was pretty bad although for the most part I think the smoke is headed northeast of me. This is the bike path just behind my street due south.


  1. I'm glad you had a less stressful visit to Sperling this round. The last plant you featured from that walk-about looks like Salvia 'Black & Blue'. The unidentified plant in your 2nd batch of photos looks familiar but I can't place it off-the-cuff. I hope the spider bite is a distant memory.

  2. Thank you! Salvia 'Black & Blue' would make sense since I was in that section. The spider bite is still a mild irritation. I was successful in never once scratching it directly, just a little around the perimeter so I think that's helped.