Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's walk report: 052213

One of those days...

The first time I woke up this morning was in a sweat at 3:45 after hearing someone cry out that a first strike had occurred. I really thought I heard this shouted from outside. Israel had unleashed a nuclear bomb on Iran. Crazy huh? But in my groggy state here's how it made sense. First, yesterday morning while scanning news articles to read with morning coffee I came across this. Meanwhile, I live with Persians on 3 sides of me. It would be a perfectly normal reaction for them to cry out in such a manner with loved ones back in Iran. I can hear my neighbors next door clearly right now.

So there was that, a disturbing start for today even though I was able to get back to sleep. Aside from that I had a pretty sucky day... sucky... or is it suckie? My day sucked. I won't bore you.

Heading into walk time my house was 10º warmer than it was outside and that 10º meant uncomfortable so I decided to leave early instead of suffer inside. The walk was a bitch too though. How many of you know how far 8.78 km (5.46 miles) is when you're on foot? Raise your hands... How many even know when you're in your car? What's that far away from you right now? Anyway, I was definitely in a pattern. What I looked forward to and ended up thinking about other than the music I was listening to throughout the walk was dinner. I just had a rather healthy bowl of spaghetti, no meat. Thank you.

I'm going to relax now, watch something fun on the boob tube, make a couple of fresh Toll House cookies and pour a cold glass of milk. That should erase the day.


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