Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today's walk report: 050813

To walk or not to walk.

As religious an experience my walk has become there ARE times when I just don't feel like doing it. Today was one of those days. I went out early afternoon, got some plants at the local garden center and when I got home I proceeded to rip out some rather massive borage plants which were dying off and then dealt with the weeds which had developed beneath since early fall, etc... When I decided to stop I barely was able to drag my sorry butt into the shower let alone walk 8+km. So I decided not to. Until... the guilt set in. Well, I don't know if guilt is the right word because there's always a void that takes place when I miss my walk. This happens when you do something almost every single day over the course of a dozen years or whatever it's been.

Piles of borage, alyssum and sundry SOB weeds. Most of it was already in a dumpster out front. This is just the part I was too pooped to pick up.

So I pulled myself together, deciding on a short (4.83 km) zig-zagy sort of off the beaten path tour of the hood just southwest of me. Another neighborhood I grew up with. Probably one in ten of the houses I passed I had been inside sometime in my life.

The first thing I thought when I saw this old couple coming up on me was how sweet it was the two of them walking together holding hands. The last thing I thought was to get a picture of it. Anyway, they were both carrying canes but neither one of them was using their cane for support. They were supporting each other. They were probably in their mid-80s. Another thing about old people, they say stuff like "hello, how are you," smile or wave. Young kids and for me, at this point, young means anyone under 42 act like there's no one else around. I sometimes say hello to people and there's no response. So I keep walking but I also act like there's a conversation happening... as if they replied. You know? I hope to embarrass them.

This gate had two of these hooded lizards and two smaller metal (brass?) geckos. Nice.

This is simply bizarre. It's a little hard to see and I didn't feel like getting bold enough to go up and try and get a better shot behind the neighbor's pickup truck but what you see in the back yard is a full on circus trapeze complete with safety net.

This is the owner's house. You can get an idea of the scope of the thing looming above the roof.

Here's a shot from Google Earth. See the trampolines and the safety net? Imagine, "mom can I go over to the Wallendas' house and work on my triple somersault?"
"OK, but finish your homework first."

This just in... Insurance must be tremendous...
That's the link and here's an except:

Your instructor and trainer, Richie Gaona, is a fourth generation circus performer and Stuntman. After debuting with his family, The Flying Gaona's, at the age of five, he has traveled the world working with circuses such as Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey, Circus Knie, and  The Big Apple Circus, to name a few. And trainer to CIRCUS OF THE STARS for 7 years.

With over 45 years of experienced, Richie can train you in the art of flying trapeze, stationary trapeze, bungee trapeze, walking the high wire, trampoline and much more.

(Note: "Birthday Paties," that's what happens if you don't land right.)

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  1. It looks as though it turned out to be an interesting walk, Eric. Good luck with the garden work - it's smart to take advantage of the cooler weather while it lasts.