Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today's walk report: 052313


iPod Nano, 2nd gen.
Today I headed out the door at 5:04 PM. I don't usually know exactly what time I'm leaving but I did today. This because I hit "shuffle play" on my iPod right as I was stepping over the threshold to the front door and... no battery. So back to the office for a different iPod... no
battery there either.
iPod Touch.

That's a 2nd gen. iPod Touch and I'd use that on a regular basis because for one it sounds distinctly better than the nano but it's clumsy. The nano, I don't have to look at, I can navigate the menu for the most part in my pant's pocket--odd as it may look at times. Anyway, that goes on charge #2.

iHome Alarm clock.
Then I stared at the 3rd iPod.... grrr... I don't even know why I keep it. It says fully charged always. It's plugged into my alarm clock. I don't use an alarm clock anymore and have almost never needed one. I'm one of those people who just wakes up when it's time to get up. As soon as you try and negotiate a song on the thing it says it has no battery. Go figure. At least I didn't pay for it. It's a 30GB "Classic" and it was an "award" from Apple. I think I sold a bazillion $$ worth of Apple stuff and I got an iPod. Actually, I got a few of them. My suspicions are the alarm clock and the constant draining and charging of the thing messed something up but I can't prove that. Well, at least not without risking another iPod.

Meanwhile, my regular, trusty faithful iPod nano, 2nd gen. (2004) sits on charge. I gave it 20 minutes and we were gone. I had a tiny bit of battery to spare when I got home. The walk was good. I felt empowered to keep going but I was fairly certain it would be without music.

All this to say... Music is really an important aspect of my walks (and the supermarket.) I cannot begin to convey how aggravating it is to have an iPod die with even just 1 km left in the walk. The sudden shift into reality, the sound of traffic, even though I was aware of it before, becomes almost overwhelming. The endorphins which kicked in during the 1st km seem to instantly fade away. The walk becomes boring and painful. The agony!

Now... I'd like to add something from the current playlist, however, embedding videos has been broken here for awhile... let's try... Oh boy... LOOK! Strip The Soul. Porcupine Tree, live at Tilburg.

Music is the BEST!

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