Friday, May 3, 2013

A walk report special preview edition.

Currently @ 05/03/2013 15:20 it is 94.5º.

It's only going to get worse and that does at least one thing for the daily walk... it pushes it later in the day. With that comes less light. I figured that out all by myself. As we approach summer and summer vacation I'm going to be more inclined to take pictures since the campus will either be closed or running a limited program. So I've been looking for a low-budget lighting solution for night-time macro photography. Maybe this is it and maybe not but for $27.99 and in having a $7.98 "gift" credit on top I figure it's not a lot to lose. While the reviews are, for the most part, really positive I have to consider that they probably aren't coming from professional, highly critical photographers. That's OK, I'm not a professional photographer. I'm not even close but the highly critical quality does hit home rather well. So we'll see.

Sunpak DSLR67-MRL Camera Light

Compare this to a professional solution at $739.00

Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX

or another at $489.00

Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX
That is simply-not-happening.

Time passes, it's now July 20, 2013...

NEEWER® Macro Ring LED Light

I just got one of these... It was just a few $$ more than the Sunpak, it has an option for left, right side lights or full and the biggest factor is the diffuser, cutting way back on the harshness of the light. It has 48 LEDs as opposed to 12 but at a glance it doesn't seem outwardly brighter. Which is a good thing since I found the Sunpak on the high setting for closeup macro work too bright for the most part. A dimmer would be great. Other differences 2 AA batteries as opposed to 3, AAA and an option to use AC--indoor macro work comes to mind.

I had a rather rushed session with the Sunpak here and I'll follow-up eventually with a link for the Neewer on this post.

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