Saturday, January 12, 2019

Today's walk report: 011219

After the storm. Part II.
We had more rain! Another .71". YIPPEE!

It was a little dark shooting pictures but here a few.

The garden, on the whole, is looking much more alive.

Male Selasphorus sasin, Rusty G. Alpha, was hanging out.

A little more sunshine...

This might be male Calypte anna, Brad. We haven't seen Brad since 12/9/18 so I'd need to study some older photos a little and think about it some more. He was in the right spot but I have some doubts. Also, Anna's hummingbirds don't seem to hold onto their territory as much as Allen's do.


Moon glow.

and cloudy skies, with more to come.


  1. Garden looks nice. Rusty , as always , is dashing. Love the moon pic !

  2. Beautiful cloud - and moon - shots. I took a few myself and even caught a rainbow this afternoon.