Sunday, January 6, 2019

Today's walk report: 010619

Happy New Year!

There would have been a walk report on New Year's Day however, the car broke down. I know, weird huh? Pretty sucky way to start the year too. But on January 1st the plan was to drive in proximity to our botanical garden hang and then see how much we felt like walking once we got there. This is a solution when you're dealing with periodic aches and pains. As it turned out we walked 2.3 miles to pick up the car from the auto repair shop on January 2nd to make up for the day before, at least on the level of exercise. Nope, nothing to take pictures of in Reseda. That's where the auto shop is... Do I need to explain everything?

Today, no need for a car and the walk was splendid. We had .80 inches of rain last night and today we have beautiful clean blue skies with lots of  stratus, cumulus, and stratocumulus clouds floating about.

Picture taking was weak but here are a few...

This is not Rusty. This is one of two male Allen's hummingbirds that are local to our home.

These two red-tailed hawks were photographed from the garden. Camera data reports that they were 291 meters away. When I see a pair of Buteo jamaicensis like this I usually assume they are mates. From the camera the lower hawk on the left looked much smaller then the one on the right. Now I'm not so sure there's much of a difference in size. Anyway, one of the few ways one can tell the difference between a male and a female is that the female can be up to 25% larger than the male.

Rusty was around but he didn't feel like doing any close-ups today.

Once the flowers start opening on this Eucalyptus torquata (Coral gum) tree Rusty is going to be all over it.

Some sort of agave flowering. Note the rain drops still clinging on. This image was taken 9 hours after the rain stopped +/- 10 minutes.

The same female Caypte anna hummingbird as seen in the last walk report and a couple of others. She was once again being courted by a male engaging in what is referred to as a display dive. It's a pretty amazing event.

Here he is above her, about 20 yards away, waiting for another round of dives.

Eucalyptus, Moon Lagoon, also getting ready to bloom in a big way.

Thanks for coming along! See you real soon!!
PS, Docken, I love you!

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  1. I certainly hope the display dives resulted in some hummingbird love! I missed a great video op today walking in Audubon Park in NOLA—- hundreds of ducks in the lagoon that would simultaneously take flight when a predatory pelican swooped in among them repeatedly. It was an astounding sight! Yeah , I lived in Reseda briefly and took no pics :)