Sunday, March 30, 2014

Today's walk report: 033014, a weekend report

While walks rarely don't happen, evenings have become more and more precious in consideration of my company so this "report" has taken a backseat to documenting each and every walk. Quite honestly, a lot of the more mundane aspect of journaling walks and trying to come up with something when there's little substance has been replaced by having a dynamic relationship with another person on my walks. I care little to share much of what that entails. I can clue you in though... I never knew what love really meant until now and it kicks ass on everything else. I simply can't find enough time for being with my girl.

The weekend, without much discourse...

032814, Friday...

Lilly growing from the pond.
Female Rufous hummingbird.
Again, Red-tailed hawk on a lamppost.
032914, Saturday... This was a short solo walk. I can't say I enjoyed it. Besides not having my companion to walk with, my iPod went dead about 40 minutes in and that had me ready to turn around and come home. I believe all of these pictures were taken before that occurred.

Western Bluebird.
 This is the same male Anna's hummingbird in all of these shots. I'm getting the feeling that this bird knows me now. Last year there were a few hummingbirds I felt had some sort of acquaintanceship with. This is the same bird as in this, this and this report.

Conejo buckwheat.
Yellow rumped warbler.
Male rufous hummingbird.
Grevillea 'Ruby Clusters.'
The 2nd flavor of iris growing from the pond.
033014, Sunday...

I had "technical difficulties" today so not too many photos were captured.
Male rufous hummingbird, another "regular."
Red-tailed hawk taking flight.
Agave victoria-reginae in bloom.
Another great evening for flying kites. The wind was cool and refreshing.

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