Friday, March 14, 2014

Today's walk report: 031414

The past 4 days...

My companion, Docken and I have walked everyday since the last walk report on 031014 but events surrounding the walks and adapting evenings to daylight savings time have put a damper on posting in my typical daily fashion. Quite honestly, evenings with my girl are precious, each and every moment is a treasure. So, quickly here's some stuff from 031114 until today.

Monday's Tarzana Nursery visit reported here led to a trip to Sperling Nursery in Calabasas on Tuesday mostly as a something to do but we had also decided to look for a Tree Mallow (Lavatera maritima) after seeing a few in Tarzana which had overgrown their 5 gallon pots. They didn't have any so I took a lot of pictures instead.

Mostly orchids and their symbolically male counterpart, Anthuriums. All photos were shot with a Canon 60 mm Macro lens.

Leucadendron 'Cloudbank Ginny'

Just because it was tiny.

Docken's special request.


After the visit to Sperling we returned to Tarzana Nursery and picked up one of the Tree Mallows we saw earlier. It had roots running out of its pot and into the ground. The curator at the nursery cut two roots off and the shrub is really hurting from the assault. This picture was taken this afternoon. The plant went into the ground right after coming home on Tuesday. Today is Friday, in case you're not paying strict attention. Anyway, it's our 1st plant together, Docken and I so we are anxious for a speedy recovery.

Walk on Tuesday-Thursday were pretty routine however we did to a supermarket walk Tuesday and picked up a 6-pack of Henry Weinhard's root beer. We've been enjoying root beer floats after dinner for the last couple of nights. Yum.

Found on the web. Our floats are much nicer looking.
Today it was a lovely Friday, late afternoon walk in the nearby botanical garden once again...

"X" marks the spot.

The sunset surrounded us walking home.

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