Sunday, March 16, 2014

Today's walk report: 031614

Yesterday and today.

A couple of beautiful days and matinée walks with my girl, Docken.

Yesterday we headed out in the late A.M. because we had a party to attend in the evening. If you knew me you'd know that's an unusual event, me+party. In fact I probably haven't been to an adult party in 15+ years. The company made all the difference and the party folks were splendid too.

031514: A short walk to the botanical garden and around, about 6.5 km. Not much on the photo front. It was windy, time stood still...

Palo Verde flowers.
Unknown yucca in a parking lot.
One of the "regular" red-tailed hawks. I hadn't seen him in quite awhile now and it was a 1st sighting for a walk with Docken.

031614: Back to Corbin Canyon.

Docken and I walked to Corbin Canyon on 021314 and I posted that walk here. It was a lot greener today after finally getting about 4" of rain in February.

The bush this bee was on was completely a buzz with 100s more bees.

Honestly, we could not figure out the rest of this message so I left it with "LA."

It may sound frivolous but butterflies and rainbows have been an important theme in my life as of late.

Bothwell Ranch the the last commercial orange grove in the San Fernando Valley.

You wouldn't believe the racket this little woodpecker was making on this telephone pole, so I won't bother trying to explain.

That's all! We hit 90º f today and it's still officially winter, although climatically we in SoCal had given up on the season some time ago. Nevertheless, beautiful walks in lovely company. Thanks for coming along!

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