Monday, April 21, 2014

Today's walk report: 042014, a day late.

Another thing...

After doing this daily, most days, for a year, I'll admit--as simple as it might be, it's not always easy to get to. We had a wonderful walk yesterday, Easter Sunday, but when it came down to getting some pics in etc., I really didn't feel like it.

Anyway, here you go...

Painted lady, Vanessa Cardui on Eschscholzia californica.
Some sort of Rice flower, I think.
Giant swallowtail butterfly (Papilio cresphontes), not in very good shape.
Closer. The flowers are palo verde.
We stopped to pet this guy. He pushed right up to the fence to encourage us. I seriously wanted to take him home.

Baaa... baaaaa.... bye.

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