Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Today's walk report: 040814

Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see, now I'm on my way...

This is the same male Anna's hummingbird shot yesterday about an inch to your left of where he perched yesterday.  We seem to have an understanding at this point. The big difference in the images from yesterday to today is I brought a flash with me today. Artistically I like the images from yesterday without flash better but as a representation of the bird as it looked to the eye, this is closer to reality. However, reality is highly overrated.

Hi, It's me again!
A slight turn of the head and voilĂ !

And this is the same male Rufous hummingbird as yesterday. I had a difficult time once again getting close to this little fellow. The flash just barely got up there for this shot, about 5 meters away.

This shot was special for Docken  because it made me think of her... she knows all the reasons why.

I watched this red-tailed hawk fly right at me and directly over my head. It was too amazing to bother with the camera right away but I did get some shots off as it found its perch to watch the sunset.

and there it sat.

It was a fun walk, thanks for coming along!

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  1. Your artistic prowess is exceptional. Your eye for aesthetic composition is amazing. And the little yellow flower, well, it made my heart melt. Thank you, Eric, for sharing your gift.