Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today's walk report: 041314, a weekend report.

Weekend walk pics... I'm in a hurry. More details forthcoming (maybe.)

041114, Friday

Heading out, from my yard...

Sweet William Pinks.

Male rufous hummingbird.

In the garden.

Carpenter bee on salvia.

Barrel cactus flowers.

Some opuntia flowers.

Lily pad 1.
Lily pad 2.
Some opuntia flower.
Male mallards.
Male rufous hummingbird. This was a 1st for me, seeing a hummingbird drink from anything other than a feeder.
Cactus flowers, I'm still trying to find an ID.

041214, Saturday

Bumble bee and silver sage.

Male rufous.

My regular male Anna's hummingbird on red stemmed dogwood.

Looking inside the cactus flower.


Tiny cactus flowers.

Yellow rumped warbler.
Painted Lady on Silver Sage.

041314, Sunday

Agraulis vanillae.

Bee on some variety of Cistus.

Agraulis vanillae on lantana.

Aesculus californica, California Buckeye or California Horse-chestnut.

Some Grevílea.

Kangaroo paws.

Ladybug and an ant, looking for some action.

Duck again.

Male rufous.

Sphaeralcea ambigua, Desert Mallow.

Prairie falcon.

Tecoma stans.

More kangaroo paws.

Caged flowers, protected from the hares.

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