Monday, April 7, 2014

Today's walk report: 040714

One, two... three.

It was a beautiful walk. I rather would have had the company of the lovely Docken but I made due. The music carried me for the most part.


My buddy, Anna's hummingbird. He had no problem with me clicking away 2 m in front of him.


This one I'm still trying to get closer to. In general I've found Rufous hummingbirds to be more skittish than Anna's are. Yes, both birds are in approximately the same spots as yesterday.


I was sitting on a bench, listening to my iPod when I saw this hoverfly. I quickly put my close-up attachment onto my 70-300 mm lens. I NEVER SAW THE ANT until I got home with the pics. This image was a compromise for a sharper shot of the fly.

One more item, the music... what a blast and while I typically listen to a lot of King Crimson, this was some stuff I haven't heard in decades. More info here.

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