Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's walk report: 042513


Running shoes are about the only shoes I ever wear these days. My son thinks I get these wild looking shoes as some sort of eccentricity or something. OK, truth is I did that once but since then all of my shoes are chosen as follows....

I go online to Nike Clearance, sort running shoes for men by my size (12) and have them priced lowest to highest. Then I pick whatever shoe looks like it's going to give me the most comfort and the best bang for the buck. I can't help it if they often look like they were designed by some black light poster artist from 1968.

Shoes are also sort of the bane of my existence. Or my feet are. Anyway, for anyone following this senselessness the last few days, today I went back to the new New Balance shoes I bought this round from Amazon because they looked like a go and they were $50 delivered. That's $20-$30 less than I've been paying. These NB's provided two days of foot pain the day of and day after their debut. Yesterday no pain... so today, I shortened 7.18 km walk to continue breaking them in. Or because I have masochistic tendencies. I'm not sure where I was finding the logic but it turned out to be a smart move. I certainly want the $50 investment to work out.

Now, I digress, let me point something out for anyone stumbling into the Walk Report who hasn't heard me mention what I have mentioned a few times under it's old Facebook format (the transition story is here)... I will never give the pretense that there is, or that there will ever be, anything interesting in the walk report. Thank you for reading though.

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